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1966. Gian Luigi Zanotti starts in Bologna his Company, "Torneria Zanotti".
1968. Torneria Zanotti moves to a temporary shed located in San Lazzaro di Savena, just outside Bologna. During the same year, Vittorio Romagnoli starts working with Gian Luigi Zanotti.
1969/1970. Start of the works for the first shed of the Company, in Castel San Pietro Terme.
1971. Settlement in the new shed.
1975. Start of the works for a new turning plant in Fontanelice, Campomoro hamlet, in the Santerno Valley.
1979/1982. Opening of the new plant.
1985. Nuova Torneria Zanotti enters the oil hydraulics field.
1988. Start of the works for a new manufacturing shed in via Campania, in the hamlet of Osteria Grande, close to Castel San Pietro Terme.
1990/1991. Settlement in the first wing of the new shed.
1992. New CNC lathes with motorised heads, with single and double mandrel, give production a substantial boost.
1994. Start of the works for the second wing of the manufacturing shed in via Campania, in the hamlet of Osteria Grande, close to Castel San Pietro Terme.
1995. Settlement in the finised shed.
2000. Start of the construction of the new headquarters of Nuova Torneria Zanotti srl.
2002. Accounting, commercial and technical employees move to the new offices.
2003/2004. Reorganisation of manufacturing spaces. New area for the assembly of oil hydraulics valves, metrology room, logistics, raw material, stocking.
2006. Enlargement of relax areas for all employees.
2008. Nuova Torneria Zanotti obtains ISO 9001:2008 certification.
2009. Development of international commercial relationships. Creation of Export Department.

For the years to come...
... Work in progress!


Our mission is based on solid cornerstones, which mark all activities of our Company:

  • Safety on the workplace
  • Planning of work and tasks
  • Up-to-date and efficient equipment
  • Clean and organized working place
  • Quality of the materials used in manufacturing
  • On-time delivery of the products

All the above points are vital for our Company: our efforts are therefore aimed to improve them constantly and to increase the qulaity of our work as much as possible.
The ISO 9001:2008 certification achieved by Nuova Torneria Zanotti proves the full optimization of our working processes.


The goal of our Company is to keep on growing, ensuring at the same time a reliable financial health in the short, mid and long term.
To strengthen our leadership position, Nuova Torneria Zanotti will strive to:

  • obtain economic results in proportion to the investments, which will allow a correct planning of the resources needed for the development of processes and products
  • study the requests of our customers and the market trends, in order to define the best strategies in terms of products and services
  • update constantly our knowledge regarding the latest technologies
  • choose and monitor skilled subcontractors who can improve the manufacturing processes
  • train our personnel to ensure that the skills of the operators match the requests of their task.

The effort of our Company will be to plan carefully all these processes and to keep them under control, in order to achieve their complete integration.