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Nuova Torneria Zanotti is specialised in precision turning. Its products are used in several fields:

  • General mechanic
  • Oil-pressure parts
  • Hydraulic
  • Automotive
  • Electro mechanic
  • Electromedical equipment
  • Naval equipment

The excellent quality of the oil-pressure parts manufactured in the dedicated department deserves a special mention: seats, valves, cartridges, stems, spindles, stoppers, pins and all parts used in the pneumatic and hydraulic industry are all produced.

We have at our disposal 33 new and reliable CNC lathes with bar loader, which allow us to execute top quality processing up to a maximum diameter of 70mm.

We perform all processes from the raw material to the finished product: turning, routing, tapping, broaching, boring, lapping, rolling, deburring etc.

Our equipment can work with several materials, among which :
AVP, AVZ, PR 80, 16CrNi4, 16CrNi4Pb, 18CrMo5, 42CrMS4, 18CrMo5, 42CrMS4, Aluminium 11s, Brass, Inox Aisi 303, ETG 88, ETG 100

We can furthermore manufacture parts using less common material bars, such as: PVC , Teflon Ergal and other alloys containing steel, copper, bronze and cast iron.

Nuova Torneria Zanotti acts since several years as a prime contractor,supplying the finished turned part to the customer.

We in fact have put special care in choosing our subcontractors, which guarantee high quality standard in following processes:

  • Heat treatments
  • Grinding and lapping, both internal and external
  • Surface treatments: zinc coating, phospating, burnishing, anodizing etc.

Our special department for the cleaning of the finished turned part is equipped with:

  • Two blasting machines, with complementary features for the deburring and removal of impurities
  • Two washing plants with special drums allowing the complete removal of debris.
  • One oiling plant to reduce oxydation on parts for which no surface treatment before warehousing is requested.