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QUALITY is one of the cornerstones in our Company.

Quality controls are carefully performed in all steps of the manufacturing process. We constantly strive to achieve "total quality", and several among our products are considered by our customers as FREE PASS.

Our metrological laboratory is equipped with precision control instruments for checking and testing of manufactured parts during all steps from the start of the project to final checks before shipment.

For this purpose we use roundness measuring systems, hardness testers, roughness meters, profile projectors, endoscopes for burr checking, calipers and micrometers, manual bore gauges, rings, calibrated plungers and gauge blocks.

All the above measuring instruments are certified and undergo periodical checks. Each CNC is equipped with several measuring instruments, among which:

  • Digital calipers with several measuring parameters
  • Centesimal digital depth meters
  • Millesimal micrometers
  • Smooth bore gauges and rings
  • Threaded bore gauges and rings
  • Lenses for burr checking
  • Lot separators

Thanks to our lot/PO management system Nuova Torneria Zanotti can trace back all data relevant to dimensional controls and materials employed for the production of each lot, even after some time.

The following certificates are always delivered to our customers:

  • Dimensional internal check certificate
  • Isir documentation - Control Plan – Process Map
  • Final check
  • Raw material certificate
  • Roundness, concentricity and roughness certificates for lapping and grinding
  • Galvanic and heat treatment certificates

The natural outcome of our constant effort in achieving high levels of reliabililty and efficiency has been the DNV UNI ISO 9001:2008 certification.

In a quick evolving market, where quick reactions, flexibility, competence and availability to understand customers’ need are a must, the management of Nuova Torneria Zanotti understands that the human resources are strategic for the present and future business. This leads to a constant investment in the involvement of the personnel in the mission of the Company, in its training and qualification.